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If Courtney wins this mystery box challenge I am going to stab kittens because I can’t take it anymore
Elizabeth on Masterchef (via ereri-is-love-ereri-is-life)
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Akame ga kill! Watch it!

Just started Akame ga Kill and that was one of the craziest shit I’ve seen since attack on titan!!!  Im kinda tripping out about how good that was. 

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Pretty much my entire day #sdcc
(at San Diego Convention Center)


Warriors, get ready to raid. We’re taking over Comic-Con International in San Diego from July 24-26, and YOU are invited to join our army. For those of you unable to make the voyage to San Diego, we still have PLENTY of ways for you to join the #VikingsSDCC charge. 

NOOOO You’re not in Hall H on Friday!!!!! 

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The masterchef drama is real! I was wrong about Courtney, Ahran was right! 

What the fuck is Cutter still doing here?!?! We lost Francis B for this?!?! 


One man’s reaction to the beloved, West Coast burger joint.

This was great HAHAHA, I’m going to go get some in-n-out now. 

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Masterchef US S05E03


Masterchef US S05E03

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this teenager has such huge balls

Master chef is the best cooking show ever. Im liking Ahran more and more.

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Just arrived! #sony #a7s

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